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frostedcowgirl's Journal

Vanishing Train
12 February 1986
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Stacy. Age 22. Attending Full Sail in Orlando, FL where I will graduate from their Digital Arts & Design Program in April. Following that I will begin their Film degree!

Computers, video games, reading, Halloween, Star Wars, The Moffatts, boneless buffalo wings, Disney World, World of Warcraft, movies, Japan, Pullip dolls

Any food or drink that is purple or grape flavored. The dark. Water (the ocean, lakes, ponds).

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acting, aim, aliens, amusement parks, astrology, beads, bigfoot, black lights, board games, boondock saints, bracelets, canada, candles, candy, candy ravers, celebrations, cherry coke, christian bale, christmas lights, coloring, coloring books, computers, concerts, crayons, crowns, ctrl+alt+del, daydreaming, diablo, disney, disney world, dolls, dragons, dreams, ebay, eclipse, edward norton, esp, eyc, fairies, fairs, family guy, fan fiction, fight club, flamingos, friends, fullmetal alchemist, games, gilmore girls, girls next door, gone with the wind, guitars, gum, halloween, hanson, happy hardcore, harry potter, hockey, hoodies, horror, hot topic, hugs, ice cream, independent films, internet, interview with the vampire, journals, keychains, lawn gnomes, letters, llamas, loch ness monster, lollipops, love, lucky stars, mail, making webpages, manga, mardi gras, markers, misfits, monk, movies, music, musicals, nana, naruto, necklaces, new moon, newsies, nightwish, norman reedus, oujia boards, pagan, paranormal activity, pentacles, pins, pleasure island, plur, primal fear, pullips, rain, rainbow brite, rainbows, ravers, raves, reading, rides, road trips, roleplaying, rollercoaster tycoon, rollercoasters, sailor moon, scary stories, scott moffatt, sims, singing, slambooks, sleepers, star wars, stories, strobe lights, stuffed animals, tarot, tattoos, taylor hanson, techno, the crow, the moffatts, the moon, the notebook, the princess diaries, theme parks, tiaras, trading, traveling, trey parker, tuck everlasting, twilight, ufos, underworld, unicorns, universal studios, vacations, veronica mars, video games, wicca, wii, witchcraft, world of warcraft, writing